​​​​​​​I'm Roberto Platas, a globetrotting Executive Creative Director, at the Commonwealth McCann's Global Team, wrangling the amazing minds behind Chevrolet's global content.
Think "global" and picture me – seriously, I've hopped continents (three of them!) and worked in four different countries*, all while picking up a few languages along the way**.
Right now, I lead a crew of creative rockstars in Detroit and Bangkok. These folks are the secret sauce behind all the Chevrolet global productions you see around the world.
I'm not your typical suit-and-tie kind of leader. As an Executive Creative Director, the best way to earn respect is to dive in with your team. Whether it's brainstorming ideas, strategizing campaigns, or presenting to C-Suite clients, I believe in knowing what your team does, from the veterans to the newbies. And hey, sometimes that means rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty! Leading by example is the best kind of leadership, right?
So, how'd I get here? Tons of experience in ATL, BTL, TTL*** (or, if you're fancy, Integrated) advertising. Lucky enough to work with some of the coolest agencies around, I've built a toolbox full of skills that lets me tackle any creative challenge, from the ground floor up, even starting whole new departments!
By now, you're probably curious to hear more, right? Or maybe you're just intrigued by the "Zero Lions Given" statement... Been there, done that – the whole "wanting all the answers now" thing. So, if you've got questions, don't be shy, shoot me a message!****
*Spain, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and USA.
**Spanish, English, French, some basic Thai and a few bad words in Arabic.
***Does anyone know the meaning of all these acronyms anymore?
****Only checking if you made it this far. Smile!
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