Food styling
& art direction
When your hobby, cooking, meets your job, art direction. It couldn't end in a different way.
During my time working in Dubai, I did not only manage to work with great regional brands such as Home of Switz and Betty Crocker, but I also got the opportunity to roll my sleeves up and work on food styling myself. 
Food styling for the new Home of Switz website
In 2016 we got the opportunity to work on the new design for the "Home of Switz" website. Part of Saudi Master Baker Group, and deeply-rooted in the Middle Eastern market, Switz has been the leading regional brand in the frozen pastry and bakery products field for many years and generations. And as much experience and heritage as this means, it also implies younger chefs tend to associate the brand to old traditional recipes that don't appeal to them anymore.
Our challenge? To give a refreshed look to their website while portraying the great variety of convenient Switz products ready to make your life easier.
To do so, we organized the entire site as if it was a kitchen table. While scrolling down, different areas of the table would reveal, each showcasing a different product category. The first step, to set up the table with fresh produce and our client's products in order to capture what would become our website background.
Food styling for Betty Crocker
Ramadan is usually the busiest time of the year for FMCG brands in the Middle East. Most of their annuals sales concentrate in two months, Ramadan and the month previous to it, when every household stocks up in preparation for 30 days of endless recipes and celebrations.
Breaking the fast in the evening wouldn't be the same without a sweet touch in the table. That's why brands such as Betty Crocker have a unique opportunity to inspire everyone tapping into convenience, with easy-to-bake products, while keeping Ramadan family recipes and traditions alive.
Art direction for Bioderma
Ok. This time I didn't work on the food-styling. There was nothing to eat on set (other than a few props). What I did was to personally manage the photography art direction for the brand's social media presence.
Bioderma is a global cosmetic brand, built upon ecobiology principles, targeting a young and active audience. Consequently, the photography style had to be fresh, clean and inviting, in order to inspire followers in North Africa and Middle East.
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