OSN. Game Of Thrones campaign
Launching Game Of Thrones
in The Middle East
With the return of one of the world’s most pirated TV shows, Game Of Thrones, we needed a campaign that would convince fans of the show (an ‘illegal’ streaming generation) to watch it on OSN instead.
To launch the highly anticipated season 7 of Game of Thrones, we created a Facebook chatbot allowing users to chat with the series’ most iconic characters and join the fight for the Iron Throne. In doing so, OSN became the first entertainment brand in the region to launch a Messenger Bot.
The bot offered a simple yet captivating platform to engage with the series most iconic characters. The user started their journey by pledging their allegiance to one of the Game of Thrones houses, upon doing so they had to engage with a sharp witted back-and-forth dialogue with the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys, Arya Stark and more, eventually earning prestige with the house leaders. Our objective was to not only offer a fun platform for seasoned Game of Thrones fans to play with, but rather offer a fun way for potential new fans to discover the series.
To communicate OSN was also the only television provider in the region that aired the latest Game of Thrones episodes at the same time as the US, and to build expectation around the show every week, we created a series of countdown-led creatives highlighting the same time as US broadcast offering.

"Same-time-as-US" countdown-led creative

Conversation-led content to interact with your favorite characters

With Saudi Arabia being a key market, we leveraged Snapchat with bespoke creatives that emulated content millennials would expect to see from friends. Shot in collaboration with a local influencer – Mishal Eskandar, the creative encouraged watchers to ‘swipe up’ and take action.
In just one month, the two vertical video ads drove over 3000 subscription leads for OSN and set a new benchmark with a 13.08% engagement rate (vs. the regional Snapchat benchmark of 3.0%).
The success of the campaign, proudly reinforces the idea that a good creative is one that is adapted to fit the audience’s unique behavior and expectation across different platforms.
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