People’s lives are increasingly busy. It’s hard to find time during their daily routine to visit a dealership, even when there’s one just around the corner. Can we take this opportunity to showcase the features of the new Trailblazer to our audience during their commute?
We'll take over bus stops near Chevrolet dealerships, transforming them into immersive Trailblazer experiences. While waiting for the bus, commuters can jump into the new Trailblazer with a digital experience and a chance for a test drive.
At first glance, the panels in the bus stop appear to be static ads for the new Trailblazer. As soon as a commuter taps their mobile phone on the screen, they are taken to a custom Chevy web app, and the bus shelter comes to life. The user now has full control to start the engine, switch the terrain from city to off-road, and even select their own soundtrack. ​​​​​​​
Ditch the bus and test-drive the new Chevrolet Trailblazer straight to your destination
The experience doesn’t end here. When the user has finished exploring digitally, they are invited to skip the bus and take a test drive. Since the bus stop is within close proximity to a Chevrolet dealership, a Trailblazer will arrive almost instantly to pick the commuter up from the bus stop and take them on a short adventure to their intended destination.
Increased brand awareness and engagement:
The interactive bus stop experience will likely generate a lot of buzz and social media sharing. People will be curious to try the digital Trailblazer experience, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement.
Convenience and efficiency:
This campaign offers a convenient way for people to learn about the Trailblazer while waiting for their bus. It eliminates the need for a separate trip to the dealership for a test drive.
Targeted audience:
This activation targets commuters near dealerships, a relevant audience potentially interested in a new car.
Memorable experience:
The interactive nature of the bus stop is likely to create a memorable experience for commuters, making the Trailblazer stand out from the competition.
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