Smile! You've been #TestJacked
That sinking feeling as you wait for a test drive... are you sure there isn't something more out there, waiting to be unleashed? Consumers visiting dealerships to see new vehicles often haven't made a final brand decision. They might be interested in multiple brands and models, using the dealership visit as a crucial step in their research and comparison process.
Forget the endless wait and the what-ifs. We'll send a Chevy to rescue you from the competitor's showroom purgatory. Take it for a spin, explore its power, and return it whenever your adventure ends. Blast off on an adventure that'll redefine what a test drive can be.
First, we Geofence competitor dealership’s parking lots, working under the assumption that people who spend more than 20 minutes in that location are interested in buying, waiting to test drive or even ready to buy a car. Then, we'll use advanced targeting methods to deliver content relevant to the moment and place our audience is at.
We then send them messages like:
They might not be ready, but we are.
We’ll be outside in 5. [BOOK NOW ]

Competitive messages like:
Looking for a car that truly fits your lifestyle?
The wait is over. Your Chevy will pick you up in 5. [BOOK NOW]

Location specific messages:
Instead of driving around the block, let’s go on a real 4x4 adventure.
Gear up! Our Chevy will be there in 5. [BOOK NOW]
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