Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Putting Mercedes-Benz F1
in the digital fast lane
The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a key consumer moment for automotive brands to engage with their audience. To that effect, Mercedes-Benz challenged us to create a digital campaign to engage with its Middle Eastern audience during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix while leveraging their involvement with the F1 event.
Tapping into Mercedes-AMG audiences innate competitiveness, our immediate objective was to fuel their love for cars and the sport to drive proactive engagement with the brand. First step would be to ignite a sense of community amongst our fanbase, both around Mercedes-AMG and their drivers and the general audience also. Then, we would establish a memorable and impactful positioning breaking through the digital clutter and igniting genuine curiosity and interest.
From this, our campaign platform "The Race Never Ends" was born, inspiring the rest of our communication and creating a halo effect around Mercedes-Benz throughout the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Landing page
Where the race really happens
The microsite acted as the primary hub for our game and all of its happenings. It reinforced our campaign messaging while stimulating the competitive nature of our audience.
Scan to play
Our scan to plan mechanic encourages proactive engagement with the microsite, the game and the Mercedes-Benz brand as a whole. 
1. Scan a Mercedes-Benz star to activate the game.
2. Location is captured via GPS tracking.
Location is applied to their profile, deciding their team and immediately being added to a heat map in our site.
Play With Pride, 
Play With Your Nation. 
At any given point users had access to heat map showing all the participants playing within the region. 
Who’s In The Lead…
They were also able to see which country was currently leading alongside their profile, showing how far they had progressed through the game.
Putting Your Mercedes-Benz Knowledge to the Test.
To offer our players a sense of personal progression, they had to answer questions about Mercedes-Benz to gain ranking. Each player had to answer 3 questions per tier.
3. Instantly Sharable Badges of Honor 
When the user answered 3 questions correctly they moved up a rank receiving a new title and badge: from Cockpit Intern, to Streetcar Hero, to Racecar Rookie, to Sponsored Racer to Racing champion. This badge would also act as instantly sharable content.
Game relevant social content
supported by localized messages
Once we established our campaign platform on social, we started using Abu Dhabi Grand Prix leaderboard relevant targeted communication to direct more people to the game.
Our platform created a memorable positioning that spoke to each and every Mercedes-AMG follower in the region,  that thrived off engaging content and ignited their inner competitiveness, all while creating a genuine sense of community and national pride – fulfilling all of the requirements for an unforgettable campaign.
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