As you might have already realized, any resemblance between Don Draper and Roberto Platas is just a mere coincidence. Main difference being my sleeves are always rolled-up ready to put my hands into work whatever it means.
Being a hands-on guy it's what defines me. As Executive Creative Director, there's only one way to feel confident when managing a creative team, strategically coming-up with ideas or representing your agency in front of any client. That way is knowing how to do what your team does, from seniors to juniors, and doing it when necessary. Nothing speaks louder than teaching by example.
Of course, this is the inevitable result of many years working as an ATL, BTL and TTL –or Integrated if you prefer– creative. Many years being lucky enough to work at some of the best international agencies. And the result is a very diverse expertise that allows me to work in any aspect of the corporate arts arena. Including starting new creative and production departments.

Now that I think about it, Don Draper might be more handsome than me, but who wants just a very traditional, only-conceptualizer, creative when the industry, clients and even yourself, are demanding a new kind of 4x4 professional with a strong digital and social media experience as I am?

And come on, I'm not that ugly.
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